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ঢাকা, ২৫ জুলাই বৃহস্পতিবার, ২০২৪


Walton exports TVs to Ireland for the 7th time

০৯ মার্চ ২০২৪ শনিবার, ১০:৪৪  পিএম

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শেয়ার বিজনেস24.কম

Walton exports TVs to Ireland for the 7th time
Officials of Walton Television are celebrating the shipment of `Made in Bangladesh` tagged TVs to Ireland for the 7th time.

Demands for `Made in Bangladesh` tagged televisions, manufactured by the country`s super television brand `Walton`, is constantly going up in the European market. Thus, the exports of Walton made TVs has been increasing in more than 14 European countries.

In continuation of this, Walton has exported TV to the market of Ireland, a country in the northwest of Europe, for the seventh time.

Saeed Al Imran, vice-president of Walton`s global business unit and also in-charge of the European market, said that Walton started TV export operations in Ireland in 2019 under the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) method.

Walton made TV`s European standards and design, high picture quality, advanced features, durability and timely marketing strategy drew the attention of the Irish people in a very short time, noting it he added, thus the demands for Walton TVs is increasing in the Ireland market day by day.

As a result, he said, this month Walton has completed the shipment of TV exports to Ireland for the seventh time through a repeat order.

Engineer Mostafa Nahid Hossain, chief business officer of Walton TV, said, "We started TV exports to the European market in 2019. Walton TV is winning the hearts of buyers in the European market in a very short time. At present, about 95 percent of Walton TV`s export revenue comes from the European market."

Despite the adverse global trade condition following the effects of Corona epidemic, instability in the European market centering the Russia-Ukraine war, Walton has exported more than 100,000 units of TVs to the European market, he noted adding that about US$10 million came to the reserve of Bangladesh.

He said, "Walton is now the country`s top TV exporter. Our goal is to make Bangladesh`s image brighter in the global arena by exporting `Made in Bangladesh` tag television in every corner of the world. To achieve that goal, we are moving forward with the mission of reaching the list of the top 5 television manufacturers in the world.

According to the Walton Global Business Unit, Walton is exporting `Made in Bangladesh` tag TVs to more than 35 countries through hundreds of business partners.

Out of the total export earnings of Walton TVs, 34 percent came from Denmark, 18 percent from Germany, 22 percent from Greece, 15 percent from Croatia and Ireland, six percent from Poland and five percent came from Africa and other countries.


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