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Bhola covid-19 outbreak is working chilekotha

০৩ মে ২০২০ রবিবার, ১২:৩৬  পিএম

Tanjela Islam Mole

Bhola covid-19 outbreak is working chilekotha
The young humanitarian team chilekotha to fight the crisis

covid -19s are spread all over the world.Meanwhile,28 millon people in the world have been infeeted and more than 2 million people have died.Each country is fixing economic and political affairs aside and isolating the country from others countries to prevent the corona viras.people are making to ware.Thousands of people are also quarantine in our country.

Sabbir Munna,An Uncompromising young man is working day and night to keep Bhola district corona free.His profession by Engineer.At this crisis in the country,He formed his own voluntary association "chilekotha".Sabbir Munna and his team members are working with the police to prevent the outbreak of covid-19 in Bhola district.

The members of the chilekhotha are spraying disinfectants

Sabbir Munna and the member of the chilekotha are building a sparkling example of being able to dedicate themselves to the service of the country even as ordinary citizen.The chilekotha is working relentlessly to motivate the youth and ensure the social distance of the people in the distict. In co-opreration with the police,they are preventing the illegal intrusion of external in Bhola district with the help of team members. in additional,he is conducting various activities to ensure social distance in the raw market and public gatherings,sanitation with masks and hand gloves,handrails,raising awareness on more than one person to ride not allowing a rickshaw or motorbike.

The members of chilekotha have distributed essential food items including rice and pulses among about 300 families.Also,they went to the remote areas of Bhola delivered relief. Sabbir Munna told,"in this war we all together must make the country corona free."The real hero is one who can throw himself into the danger of the country, we must win this war.The hope is young is that the peace loving young in every district of every country will ensure the social distance of their area and extend the hand of humanity among the helpless people.

The members of the chilekhota are distributing relief among the helpless people

people in need of human begins this is the main purpose of our education.in this difficult time of the nation along with the goverment and administration,conscious young like Sabbir Munnas will come forward and do their utmost to protect their district or area.Together with such small efforts,we will prevent any disease.


শেয়ারবিজনেস24.কম এ প্রকাশিত/প্রচারিত সংবাদ, তথ্য, ছবি, ভিডিওচিত্র, অডিও কনটেন্ট বিনা অনুমতিতে ব্যবহার বেআইনি।

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